Parish Baptisms are offered for children ages Newborns to 5-year-olds. If the child (or children) has reached 6 years of age, they must complete the sacrament of Baptism through the Parish Religous Ed. Program. Please refer to our 'CCD/P.R.E.P' page under 'FAITH FORMATION'. For adults looking to complete the sacrament of baptism, please refer to our 'R.C.I.A' page under 'FAITH FORMATION'.


It is recommended to call 3 months in advance to schedule an appointment.

When coming in for your appointment, please remember to bring all the required documents. Missing documentation may result in your appointment being rescheduled.

Once the assigned Pre-Baptismal classes have been completed (or a letter of class completion is handed in), you will be given a date for the Baptism Ceremony.

Classes must be completed in advance of the Baptism Ceremony date.


The required documentation includes:


- Birth Certificate of Child (or children).

- Godparent(s) Certificates ( This includes Catholic Marriage Certificates for married godparents/ Communion & Confirmation Certificates for godparents who are single and live alone/ Sponsorship eligibility letters/ Baptismal Class completion letters)

- Parish Permission Letters ( This includes permission letters to attend classes in our parish if you come from outside of O.L.G Parish and Permission letters to have your child's baptism in this parish if you come from outside of O.L.G Parish) 


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